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Columbia Paper - Marion Hunter


THEATER REVIEW: Lowbrow at times, 'Housewives' still prepares tasty treat

Written by MARION HUNTER    

CARL RITCHIE, WHO DIRECTS as well as authors, has gathered five great-looking broads (the cream of the singing actresses around here) and created a broadly sassy musical revue. He pumps up and affectionately satirizes their individual proclivities. If reality flags, he just piles on some outrageous fictional stuff...

Of course, the man proceeds to hilariously bulls-eye some obvious but deserving targets: the upscale county lifestyle; the “friending” lifestyle; the boozy lifestyle; the shopping lifestyle; the cult of local-family-longevity lifestyle. (“If you're not Dutch, Then you're not much!”) This last status-by-ancestry lives everywhere in geographical idiocy waiting to be deflated by Ritchie. The “folkway” is dumber than status-by-dollars or status-by-political power. Go boy!

Speaking of idiocy, “Cidiots! Cidiots!,” is the locals' tasty revenge number that place-kicks city interlopers. With it Diedre Bollinger (as Danny/Daniella) and Cathy Lee-Visscher (as Katrina) end Act I uproariously...

This Taconic Stage audience came prepared to laugh, and they responded to everything with non-stop, unfettered enthusiasm. Bass-baritone guffaws especially resonated following the sexy bits and body humor.