Taconic Stage Company

A Lady of Letters

LADY OF LETTERS by Alan Bennett


“Taconic Stage is presenting the lovely, gifted British actress, Leda Hodgson in Alan Bennett’s one act play, “A Lady of Letters”.  The performance is subtle, delicately nuanced, effortlessly realized, and one which keeps you enthralled. If you attend the performance in Copake Falls in the afternoon, and you should, you’ll have plenty of time for dinner and “Private Lives” at the Lighthouse Marina on Copake Lake in the evening, a full day, but an exhilarating one.”  Charles Kondek, Register-Star


“If you live near or are passing through the Copake area around 4 pm on September 4 or 5, swing by the Church of St. John in the Wilderness on Rt. 344 in Copake Falls and catch Leda Hodgson in Alan Bennett ’s A Lady of Letters. Everything about it is tiny and perfect – a truly delightful, if too brief, entertainment.”  Gail Burns, Gailsez.org