Taconic Stage Company

Lakeville Journal/Millerton News

Marsden Epworth writes in the Compass, the weekly magazine of The Lakeville Journal/The Millerton News/The Winsted Journal:


And for another very funny show, there’s Carl Ritchie’s latest revue, “I knew I Came in Here for Something . . . (The Middle-aged Musical)” at the Lighthouse Marina and Restaurant in Copake, NY. It’s also Carl Ritchie’s latest theater company, The Taconic Stage Company. He has set up lights, costumes, dialogue, songs and a very snappy quartet of actors in a dinner theater setting.

   And it works.

   Ritchie’s script and songs, with music by Wayne Moore, are clever and funny, zeroing in on such favored topics of the middle-aged as kidney stones, the side effects of  prescription drugs, bad backs and, of course, erectile dysfunction. The two women of the ensemble, Cathy Lee-Visscher and Diedre Devere Bollinger, are marvellous singing about cat love, menopause, diets and becoming their mothers.

   The two men, David L. Greene and Brian Litscher, after padding their torsos considerably, have a very funny number about loving their guts, “she hates her butt, but I love my gut,” they sing. And Litscher walks away with the show singing “Do you Remember Me?” to his mother in a nursing home. Very touching.

   For reservations, call 518-325-1234; dinner and show is $30. Through Aug. 15.